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Our Mission & Vision


       OUR MISSION The foundation of Baltesta Bean Natural Skincare is based on the use of plant-based vintage remedies to effectively address the contemporary skincare needs of black & brown skin. Through the naturalness and purity of our products, we bring awareness to the importance of self-acceptance, self-care, and self-improvement that leads to high and timely self-esteem and good mental health. Our brand’s overall goal is to help people improve their lives by improving their thoughts of themselves through the acceptance of their skin.

      OUR VISION The diversity of the world includes a variety of looks. Thus, we understand the concept of beauty in the many ways that it is defined. At its core is the epitome of self-care and self-acceptance, which leads to good mental health. Therefore, it is our vision to make plant-based skincare more acceptable and necessary to obtain healthy skin that boosts confidence and undermines the weight of beauty standards imposed by society. Further, it is our goal to become a national model for plant-based skincare for skin of color; making healthy radiant skin attainable and for black & brown people.