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Our Story

A Journey of Concern & Care 

Baltesta Bean Natural Skincare is an all-natural plant-based skincare brand that was developed in response to the lack of natural and healthy skincare products that effectively address the unique skin concerns of black & brown people. The Baltesta Bean Natural Skincare story is your story, it’s the story of us all. It’s the story of being black & brown. It’s the story of resilience, figuring it out, and understanding where you fit in. It’s the story of fear and courage, self-discovery, identity and the acceptance of it.  

It all started with a decision; a decision to create and contribute to an industry where black & brown people are underrepresented in order to ensure their skincare needs are catered to. The decision to create Baltesta Bean Natural Skincare was inspired by the lives and stories of so many people of color who regularly endure skin challenges that go unmet due to the absence of skincare products that cater to the needs of their skin.

The decision also hits close to home. Our founder endured her own bout of skin challenges and not receiving the proper help for it. With no effective skincare options that catered to her needs, she suffered from years of skin issues that affected her self-esteem and confidence. This led to a pattern of missed opportunities and bad decisions because she was unsure of herself due to what she saw in the mirror. After years of searching and researching, it wasn’t until her mid-thirties when she began to find solutions that worked for her. However, the time and torment she endured to find effective solutions was unacceptable. Not wanting another person of color to endure her unfortunate experience, she decided to be the solution and create an effective all-natural plant-based skincare option that caters exclusively to the unique skin complexities of black & brown skin.  

-In Her Own Words-

“Through pain, curiosity, and intense research, I made it my business to learn what I needed to know to help my skin and the skin of those who look like me. Overtime I developed an understanding connection between skin and science. And the things that I found that worked were natural common plant-based ingredients; ingredients that I remember seeing my grandmother and my great aunts use on their skin; and ingredients that I learned about from other cultures. Through my journey I learned that people of color don’t have to depend on chemical-based products to achieve skin wellness in full radiance. Plants are all that we need to see the Beauty In Our Skin!"                    

-AP Brown                                                                              Creator | Founder, Baltesta Bean Natural Skincare